Workshops & retreats

In our workshops we combine all the benefits of yoga and nutritious food to help you build a foundation of holistic health and well-being for you and your family.

yoga for


Do you feel like you are spending too much time thinking about what and how much you eat?

Do you feel shame or guilt after eating? 

Do you feel disconnected from your body?


Yoga for Joyful Eating is about:

  • Permission to feel good in your body
  • Nourishing yourself without judgement
  • Feeling good about who you are

Meet Brinda (Psychotherapist) and Melanie (Yoga instructor, Nutritionist) in this healing Workshop.


No experience in yoga necessary. Just wear comfortable clothes.


Suitable for all from age of 12.


More details here

Date: 21st of September, 02.00 to 05.00 p.m.

Rate: 80 CHF or 120 CHF combined with Expressive Art Workshop

Registration: or using our schedule.

Expressive Art


Immerse in a creative process and reconnect to your inner world through yoga and expressive art. Yoga helps to initiate the creative process by quieting the mind and opening the heart, bringing us into a state of receptivity so inspiration becomes not only likely, but inevitable.


Expressive art is a useful tool to access our creativity and release blocked emotions. This workshop helps you to de-stress and reconnect with yourself and others in safe, non-judgmental space.


No experience in yoga or art necessary. We focus on the process, not the result. Just wear comfortable clothes.


Suitable for all from age 12. 


More details here.


Date: 28th of September, 02.00 to 05.00 p.m.

Rate: 80 CHF or 120 CHF combined with Joyful Eating Workshop

Registration: or using our schedule.

private retreats

On request, we design your personal yoga retreat! Minimum 5 participants. 

If you are interested in a private retreat send us an email to We are happy to send you a customised offer.

yoga alignment


We will practice simple, straightforward alignment principles to support safe asana practice, offer personalised variations for every level and learn tricks and modifications. 

This workshop includes:


  • Individual assessments and feedback
  • Blind-folded Yoga
  • Partner Adjustments
  • Movement patterns with Video 


For more information please visit:


Dates: SaturdayJuli 27th 18th from 02.00 to 06.00 p.m.

Rate: 100 CHF 


yoga detox


Get ready to feel fantastic!
Cleanse your body, mind and soul from the inside out. With breath, movement, relaxation and healthy food you detox and strengthen your whole system.


Before the yoga practice you spoil your cells with fresh juice and smoothies!



13:30: Arrival with Juices and Smoothies
13:45: Pranayama and Kriyas
14:15: Yoga Detox Flow
15:30: Yoga Nidra
16:00: End with Juices and Smoothies


Please wear comfortable cloths. Mats and props are available at the studio. This course is taught in english.

Date: Coming soon

Rate: 90 CHF incl. Juice and Smoothie 

Bring a friend and both save 10 CHF

Registration: The number of participants is limited.