Workshops & retreats

In our workshops we combine all the benefits of yoga and nutritious food to help you build a foundation of holistic health and well-being for you and your family.

Healthy food


After a fun yoga class we learn about food:

  • Why is proper food so important?
  • What is actually happening once we swallow our food?
  • What are healthy food choices?

We learn how food is prepared and make some healthy snacks ourselves. To close workshop with a good belly feeling we enjoy our homemade treats!  

Who: Kids age 4 to 10

Duration: 3 hours

Rate: 180 CHF per child, including organic snacks and a cookbook for the parents

Practice, Cook, Enjoy - Portugal

Strengthen your body, feed your soul with yoga postures, meditation and healthy, delicious food in the beautiful surrounding of a secluded farm in Portugal. 


Dates for 2019 follow. 

Alternatives to


Are you looking for alternatives to the standard kids menu? 

Do want your kids to eat more healthy, but everything you try, they refuse to eat it?


We all been there. Learn in this workshop about healthy kids meals, how to prepare them and how to succeed offering them to your kids. 

Who: Parents or parents to be

Duration: 3 hours

Rate: 200 CHF per child, including organic snacks and a cookbook 

private retreats

On request, we design your personal yoga retreat! Minimum 5 participants. 

If you are interested in a private retreat, we are happy to send you our offer.