nutrition coaching programs

Eating is perhaps the single most important act for one’s yoga practice, because nourishment of the body’s tissues forms a foundation of nourishment of the mind and soul! 

online nutritional accountability program

After a first consultation call, we check-in with you once per week to assist you in reaching your goals and help you make better choices.


The Nutritional Accountability Program includes:

  • Consultation call (30')
  • 2 check-in calls (each 20')
  • on demand 2 weeks of unlimited live streaming yoga



Nutritional Accountability Program: 150 CHF

Combined with 2 weeks of Yoga Live Stream Classes: 180 CHF


How to book?

Book an appointment directly over our online account or write to

Personal nutrition coaching

Are you ready to get the support you need to take small and sustainable steps towards a healthier lifestyle?


Learn to approach your and your families nutrition goals and maintain healthy habits through a nutrition coaching plan. During your initial consultation we will discuss your goals, your current food choices and lifestyle to determine the best way to get healthy food into your diet. Through our meal plans, designed just for you, you will learn about quality ingredients and proper portions for your needs.


Don’t let distance stand in the way of you meeting your goals! We can provide consulting via telephone or skype.


Is Nutrition Coaching right for you?

  • Are you hitting your workouts hard but still not quite reaching your fitness goals?
  • Have you made the decision that NOW is the time to get fit but are unsure about how to get started?
  • Do you fall into the trap of stress-eating, yo-yo dieting, or just not having enough time to eat healthily due to your busy schedule?
  • Are you interested in improving your health by ensuring that you are getting all the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals you need?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then Nutrition Coaching is right for you! 


Whether you are vegetarian, diabetic, overweight, looking to gain muscle, need increased energy, feed your family more healthy meals or just want to eat healthy we find the perfect solution for you!


No time to go to a consultation? 

Book an online program: 


Get in touch or give us a call +41 78 686 23 23 and get started today!

group nutrition coaching

Find YOUR way of nurturing yourself

Enjoy all the benefits of private nutrition counseling in a small, personal group at an affordable rate:

  • find a diet that is percent for YOU
  • improve your families diet
  • work towards your weight goals
  • learn about healthy food
  • find out about potential food sensitivities
  • get tips on how your kids eat their greens
  • ask all the questions you have
  • feel supported and understood

healthy recipes

Find some inspiring, healthy recipes here (in German).