teaching a workshop

Yoga in a Bag is a teaching studio and wants to foster inspiring teaching by giving new teachers a risk-free chance to practice and collect experience as a yoga teacher.

As a new yoga teacher, please keep in mind that we are serving our students not ourselves. Teaching a workshop @ Yoga in a Bag is an opportunity but mainly an offering to the students.


Send in your workshop title and a description in the language you want to teach it to namaste@yogainabag.com.

Attach a short bio of you and a good quality picture. 

Propose some dates and time slots (check schedule when studio is free). 

Propose a pricing.

You get feedback within 48 hours.

This what Yoga in a Bag does:

Advertises your workshop in Social Media, at the studio and in the monthly newsletter.
Puts your workshop online (webpage and Eversports).
Gives you a short introduction on how to use the studio.
Gives you access to the studio for the workshop incl. use of mats, props, tea and bathroom.
Pays you 65% of the revenues generated.

This what you do:

Advertise your workshop.

Teach your workshop.

Tidy up the studio.
Vacuum and mop studio after workshop.
Leave studio as directed before the workshop.

That’s it! We are looking forward seeing your workshop ideas!