yoga for kids

 A child's yoga practice is a rare opportunity to experience new things, leave their comfort zone and have fun without worrying about being


In our yoga classes, kids learn how to ...

... get active in a fun way and become more aware of their body 
... focus and concentrate better
... use simple methods to calm and encourage themselves 
... deal with emotions

Yoga for kids is gaining in popularity with good reason. Learn more about the benefits of yoga for kids.

We offer yoga classes to suit the age of your child. 

 Your child is welcome to join anytime. 

Story-time Yoga

age 3-6

Each class is built on a cute story that takes the children on a little adventure where they practice fun poses, learn about breath work and other techniques to deal with emotions and try to focus and concentrate.


45 minutes.


There is no ongoing class at the moment. If you are interested email us.

Yoga for Kids

age 6-12

In a playful, relaxed environment kids learn about yoga poses, learn about breath work and other techniques to handle emotions and try to focus and concentrate.


45 minutes.


Wednesday 3.30 p.m.

(No class during school holidays)


Registration required: or online


Yoga for teens

from age 12

This yoga class is designed for teenagers and parents.

We move together in fun ways, clear out anything stuck and get energised. It is a perfect compliment to the busy academic and extracurricular schedule of teenagers. 


60 minutes.


There is no ongoing class at the moment. If you are interested email us.


age 0 - 99

In a world where parents and children are so busy, family yoga provides a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy quality time together.

Parents and kids playfully explore yoga postures and breathing awareness through rhymes, songs, games, partnering, and stories! 


45 minutes.


Sunday 09.00 p.m.

(no class during school holidays) 

Parent-CHILD Yoga

age 0 - 10

While mom or das practice yoga, the  kids watch, practice, play or do their homework.


60 minutes.


Thursday 3.30 p.m.


Single Classes


Single Class Kids Yoga

20 CHF

5-Pass Kids Yoga

90 CHF

10-Pass Kids Yoga 220 CHF
Family Yoga (2 adults, 1 kid) 40 CHF
Family Yoga additional Kid 10 CHF
10-pass Family Yoga 10 CHF 
Single Class Parent-Child Yoga 35 CHF 
10-pass Parent-Child Yoga 315 CHF 
Memberships (ongoing)  

Family unlimited Membership (monthly)

300 CHF
- Access to all yoga classes for all family members living in same household  
- 10 % on workshops & shop  
Monthly Passes (limited)  
Family 1 Month Pass 330 CHF


- 5 Pass: 3 months

- 10 Pass: 6 months


Passes and packages can be interrupted due to health issues, pregnancy or prolonged vacations for important matters. Please present a written request and a medical certificate as soon as possible respectively before hand.