As teachers we all have our own style and backround, but we all share the same passion for serving our students and building community.

Melanie M. Gerber

(Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for Kids)

I'm Melanie Gerber – wife, mother of two, Yogini & nutritionist and a woman dedicated to the path of conscious, connected and happy living.


As a proud mom of two and a loving wife, I'm passionate about healthy, easy-to-prepare food for the whole family.

When my healthy-food blog and cookbook took off I decided to become a certified health coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York) and to support people on their way to living healthier lifestyles. Seeing my clients reaching their goals and becoming better versions of themselves makes me deeply grateful.


Being blessed with the teachings of yoga from early childhood, I know about the power of yoga to make life easier, happier and more meaningful.


Taught by the daily challenges of family life and many wonderful teachers along the way, I know much about the magic that comes from practising yoga and enjoying healthy food.

I am deeply grateful for my long term yoga teachers Irene Wohnlich and Stephen Thomas who were - and Stephen still is - a true companion on this journey.


After graduating from university (Master in Economics and Finance, HSG), I had a successful career in business management and banking but I always felt I was working against my true nature.


After opening my yoga studio in Zurich – Yoga in a Bag, I found my true calling; my flow. The combination of yoga and healthy food is simply magical.


I am learning about life every day, but my vision is clear: to find and share tools suitable for modern life that help us live in more conscious, connected and happy ways.


My approach is open-minded, non-dogmatic and full-hearted! My yoga classes are creative, powerful and fun. It’s all about taking the next step – everyone is welcome and appreciated.


Image: Katja Zauchner. 


Aliki Celeste Senn

(Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga)

Already at a young age Aliki was drawn to topics like health and justice and developed her passion for yoga and dancing.
The work with the connection between body, mind and soul within the yoga practice has touched het deeply.
During her trips to Asia Aliki deepened her yoga practiced and learned the healing power of Reiki.
Aliki teaches yoga group and private classes and loves to spoil her yoga students with a Reiki treatment during their final relaxation (savasana).
Her creative classes focus on strengthening the body, developing stability and flexibility and reducing blockages. Aliki encourages her student to be more mindful to what happens within and to expand their consciousness to get more clarity and insight.
Her empathy allows het to connect with her students and support them on their way to more harmony and contentment.
For Aliki yoga is a way of living far beyond the yoga mat. She continuously studies and invests in her training. Life is learning.
"You can be the change yourself that you want to see in the world" Gandhi

Aliki is a certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200h RYT and Reiki Teacher. She has a 300h Yoga Therapy Certification.
Aliki teaches in German and English.
Mehr über Aliki: https://www.yogaliki.com.



Sabina Kojasevic

(Vinyasa Flow)

Sabina is a yoga student for life and a RYT 500 certified yoga instructor living in the beautiful city Zurich.

She walked into a yoga studio in 2010 - the first step of what would prove to be an expanding and exhilarating journey. Inspired by her teachers and international workshops she very quickly became an avid and passionate student.


Diving deeper into yoga by completing her teacher trainings and
experiencing teaching for a while, she fell in love with the power of sharing her inspiring yoga practice with others.


Her profession as a marketing manager in an international environment and a fast forward moving lifestyle industry has been enriching her life in many ways.


Traveling the world and meeting people from other cultures is an exciting adventure, which she enjoys on her yoga path too.
Sabina’s yoga practice will forever be one of her favorite contradictions: Finding Stillness In Movement.


Sabina teaches in German and English.



Chris Moffitt

(Hatha Yoga)


Chris` first contact with the importance of movement and breathing was on Gozo where he worked for many years as a diving instructor. The job itself lead to his passion for fitness which lead to his discovery of yoga.


Today Chris is an art restorer and yoga teacher living in Zurich, his profession is very meditative perfectly complimenting his passion for yoga.


Chris has been on the mat since 2002 and finished his teacher training in 2018.


Chris teaches in English and German.



Amy Vaillancourt

(Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow)

Amy began studying yoga as a teenager in the early 1990s.
After completing a master’s degree in dance with a cultural anthropology emphasis she taught in Tokyo, Japan, then in Los Angeles, California.
Having studied a wide variety of yoga, Amy believes that investigating the connections of body, mind, and energetic forces can lead you to a personalized path of healing.
Amy teaches in English.

Nadja Brenneisen

(Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Hypnobirthing, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra)

Kurz nach der Geburt ihres Sohnes zwang die Diagnose einer Autoimmunkrankheit Nadja dazu, ihr Leben neu zu überdenken. Die Krankheit war durch die traumatisch erlebte Geburt ausgelöst worden. Nadja beschloss, es sich zur Herzensaufgabe zu machen, anderen Frauen eine selbstbestimmte Geburt zu ermöglichen. Im eigenen Heilungsprozess spielte Yoga eine gewaltige Rolle: Er half, wo Chemie versagte. Deshalb war für Nadja klar, dass Yoga auch der richtige Weg ist, Frauen auf ihrem Weg in die Mutterschaft zu begleiten.   


Nadja begleitet als Doula Frauen während der Schwangerschaft und Geburt. Daneben ist sie anerkannte HypnoBirthing-Kursleiterin und unterrichtet Prenatal Yoga.

 Nadja teaches in German.


Mehr über Nadja: www.yogamama.ch



Charlène Guilleume

(Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Meditation)

Charlène is a yoga and meditation teacher, specialized in Yin yoga and Vinyasa flow (Ashtanga base).


Born in the french part of Switzerland, she lived and worked in Berlin for several years.

In 2019, she decided to leave the corporate world for a new adventure and travelled for several months.
She started her journey in India where she got her yoga teacher certification.


During her travel across Asia, she experienced different styles of yoga and immersed herself more deeply in meditation techniques.


After teaching in different countries, she came back to Switzerland to share her knowledge.


Charlène teaches in English and French.








Tanya Schuhmacher

(Ashtanga Flow)

Already during her school days in Zurich Tanya regularly attended yoga classes. She deepened her yoga practice in order to find a balance to her work as a legal associate (sitting in the office for many long hours). Thus, she has also focused more intensively on the other aspects of yoga (pranayama, meditation, philosophy, etc.).


In Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Tanya finds it easier to enter a meditative state. As the same sequence of postures (Asanas) is practiced and the sequence is guided through the breath, she can concentrate on her inner self. Last year Tanya completed the Ashtanga-Vinyasa Teacher Training (RYS 200 Yoga Alliance) with Guruji Sanjeev Dutta in India. Back in Zurich she regularly attends workshops (with Matt Champeoux, Max Strom, Brett Porzio, Frank Schmid, etc.) and deepens her knowledge and techniques.


For Tanya, yoga offers a way to support other people, to guide their focus to the inner centre. The correct alignment and safe performance of the asanas in her class plays an important role in this. During her class, the mind is grounded, the body is heated and strengthened, but there is also a lot of laughter. The energy generated by this can help to question one's own limiting thoughts and social patterns, so that one can meet oneself and consequently others with more love and serenity.


Tanya teaches in English and German.



Thindeka Dzimba 

(Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation)

Thindeka is a yogini and doula who began her yoga journey in her late teens. This introduction to a new language of body, mind and soul led to a world of self-discovery and an eagerness to continue to explore, grow, listen and learn from others.


It is this same feeling of self-exploration that she likes to share with her students.


Her interest in people and cultures led to a masters in Tourism in Development which she put to great use working with the likes of UNESCO in Mozambique. But her passion remained yoga and its ability to connect her with people at all levels.


She is fortunate to have begun her training living with swamis and learning the philosophy of Sivananda Yoga. Since then other trainings followed through initiatives like Tribe Yoga.


In nurturing her craft she came across Vipassana meditation which has been fundamental in her learning about being present and surrendering to the now has giving her added tools to be aware of the sensations in the body and surrender to them, knowing that everything is temporary.


Her classes are intention based, designed in a way that students can feel empowered to trust their bodies and their individual needs, explore their own kindness and growth and hopefully take that energy when they leave the class.


Thindeka teaches in English.



Astrid Meier

(Hatha Flow, Breathwork Ceremonies, Meditation)

Astrid is a certified hatha yoga teacher, breathwork healer, process facilitator, DJ & soulpreneur.


After 6 years of intensive yoga practice and profound exploration of various spiritual themes, she decided 2017 to travel to India and dedicate herself to the teaching of yoga and meditation.


The basis of her teaching is a flowing Hatha Yoga, which she creatively combines with different Yoga styles.

Supported by specially curated music and the use of essential oils, Astrid tries to create a harmoniously vibrating connection between body and mind through the Yoga Asanas, which touches the soul.


Astrid regularly teaches Breath Work Ceremonies.


Her classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students and can be held in German or English.



Mike Magnussen

(Yin Yoga)

My yoga path began during my studies of communication science. In yoga, I found a completely new way of communication, namely with myself!


Gripped by the enthusiasm for yoga, I completed a 200h yoga teacher training at Lord Vishnus Couch in Cologne in 2006 with a focus on Vinyasa Yoga.

Things started to flow: The TTC was followed by a four-year training as a yoga teacher BDY/EYU in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, with a special focus on the connection of body, breath and mind. I moved on to Switzerland and was trained as a Yin Yoga teacher with René Hug in Zurich in 2018.


From the very beginning, Yoga was like coming home to myself and for me, it is the key to a conscious and happy life. In my classes, I'd like to pass on the experience of finding peace, strength and energy within oneself, and the trust that everything is already here. I am passionate about teaching beginners and look forward to every single person who is brave enough to open the door to yoga and - who knows - maybe goes home with a smile on their face after the class.


Her classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students and can be held in German or English.



Lucia D'Amato

(Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow)

My name is Lucia, and I am here to share my passion for Yoga.


I practice Yoga to bring balance into my life, to explore the potentialities, and accept the limits of my body, to grow into my personal life through Meditation.

And I teach Yoga because I care for contributing to people’s path to embrace their consciousness and inner power.


I have a creative spirit, and whether it is in art, in cooking, or in Yoga, I cherish to build something that leaves others with a sense of ease, happiness, and fulfillment.

As a practitioner, I love creating an encompassing sense of wellbeing in my body and mind, by powerful Asana flows, deep connection between body and mind during strong Hatha postures, and Pranayama exercises. And I try to convey these same vibes to my students.


I strive to create balanced sequences, to make practitioners feel empowered yet relaxed. I lead the Yogis through careful instructions and demonstrations, leaving space for personal expression and improvement. 


I start from Hatha based classes, and I like to develop harmonious flows, combining Asanas and Breathing. My classes have a comprehensive mix of powerful postures, balancing exercises, stretching sequences, and are open to everyone.

My goal is to convey to people a sense of gratification and wellbeing to bring off the mat into their daily life.


I teach in English.


Kathrin Largo

(Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow)

Movement has always been my great passion. Dancing soon became my path I wanted to follow also professionally.

After years of intensive training at a professional ballet school however, I had to realize that due to the enormous pressure and drill my initial passion faded in time and it took years to find back to my love for movement again.


I have been practicing yoga regularly for 15 years now and my initial fascination has turned into a deep love filled with gratitude. Yoga has taught me how to approach my body in a loving and mindful way instead of pushing it beyond its limits, which has an impact on my entire life as well as on my awareness not only of myself but that of the whole environment.

Out of my own experience that with this beautiful practice profound changes not only happen in your body but also in your whole consciousness, Yoga has become a fascinating and life-changing path for me that I am very happy to share.


2017 200-hour yoga teacher training at Airyoga Zurich with Stephen Thomas.


Kathrin teaches in German and English.



Puje Shagiei

(Family Yoga, Kids Yoga, Parent-Child Yoga, Vinyasa Flow)

Puje finished her 200hours teacher training at Airyoga in Zurich with Claire Dailloz and Stephen Thomas.

Her passion for movement and body awareness was awakened with 7 years, when she went for the first time to a ballett class. From then on, she never stoped moving and dancing again. Until 14 ballett, then 6 years of modern and jazz dance, capoeira, afrodance and finally she discovered yoga, the perfect dance between breath, body and soul. She was impressed by Yoga‘s nature to heal her body and soul at the same time, with no harm to the body. The time stand still when she was in her practise, and it improved her being as a mother, as a partner (well maybe you ask better her partner;)), as a friend, as a coworker, and as a human being. She loves to meditate, sit still, breath, but she also loves to move, power up the body and strech every part of it. The exploration never ends, and every single moment offers you a new world. We just have to listen carefully.


Her classes are in English and German.



Fiona Stierli

(Vinyasa Flow)

Fiona discovered Yoga about 10 years ago. She started her journey with Hatha Yoga and later found her passion for Vinyasa Yoga.


She loves to be creative with her flows and to try out new things.

Yoga helps Fiona to find balance between her job as a primary school teacher and her private life. Through the breath she can connect her mind with her body and she finds peace in the moment.


Her goal is to guide participants to reconnect with their bodies and experience internal and external changes and to leave each class feeling refreshed.


Fiona teaches in English and German.



Paula von Little Sunshine Yoga 

(Family Yoga)

Gisi und Paula – zwei Mamis mit Herz und Seele. Sie haben sich in einer gemeinsamen Kinderyogalehrer Ausbildung kennen gelernt. Die Idee, eine gemeinsame Kinderyogastunde ins Leben zu rufen entstand während einer Kaffeepause. „Little Sunshine Yoga“ war geboren und damit ein weiteres Herzensprojekt der beiden Frauen. Ihr Kinderyoga berührt, verzaubert – und ist nicht nur für die Kleinen Yoga Minis, sondern auch für die beiden Yogalehrerinnen ein garantierter Moodbooster. 







Seit sie 2013 in der Schwangerschaft zu Yoga fand, ist Yoga als Balance und Energiequelle aus Ihrem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Eine Auszeit auf Reisen bot ihr 2017 die Möglichkeit die eigene Praxis zu vertiefen und mehr über die Hintergründe und Philosophie des Yoga zu erfahren. Ihr RYT-200 Teacher Training hat sie in Costa Rica absolviert. Zusätzlich leitet sie „Family-Retreats“ für Eltern und Kinder in Europa.

Ab der Matte findet man die gebürtige Argentinierin beim backen feiner Empanadas, irgendwo „unterwegs“ mit Valeria - am liebsten mit dem Skate, auf dem Spielplatz oder am Zürisee.


Paula unterrichtet auf Deutsch.