yoga in a bag

Your companion to master your life with ease and happiness!  

Yoga in a Bag is a boutique yoga studio, made with love. 


We offer classes in many styles of yoga. Each one is offered with dedication and attention to detail. 


Our cosy shala is an oasis where you can escape the busyness of modern life and spend some time just for yourself. 


What sets Yoga In a Bag apart from other studios is our non-competitive approach. Here, our classes are never overcrowded, so you’ll always receive the full attention you deserve. 

We don’t believe yoga is a way to reach some better version of ourselves in the future, but a way to recognise the divinity within ourselves as we are right now. This means we welcome everyone, from complete beginners to experiences practitioners. 


In our workshops and retreats, Yoga in a Bag combines the power of yoga with nutrition to create a strong foundation for your wellbeing. 


Yoga in a Bag believes in the healing power of yoga for children and families. In our playful yoga classes and workshops, everyone – from baby to grandma – can benefit.



Get everything you need to master your daily life with ease and happiness!




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