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Improve the health of your employees, strengthen the sense of community & improve workspace productivity

Working from home during this pandemic certainly means more time sitting at a desk, more time stuck indoors, more time spent alone – not to mention added emotional and mental stress. Personal health, the sense of community and workspace productivity might drop.


Protect your team from this pandemic blues by offering online Team Yoga sessions with Yoga in a Bag. 



What are the benefits of online Team Yoga?


Yoga and Meditation have been proven to effectively combat anxiety and depression, as well as improve productivity and general happiness. By bringing online Team Yoga into your remote workplace, you show your team your appreciation and support, improve your employees individual health and nevertheless build a sense of community that might otherwise be lost. 



How does it work?


Get in touch by filling out the form below. Once we’ve arranged your session, you’ll receive a zoom link for you and your team. When the time for your first session comes, click the link and one of our experienced teachers will offer a detailed class complete with full demonstrations, easy-to-follow for all.



What are the conditions?


Rates per team, unlimited number of participiants:


Single Yoga Session

- 30 minutes Yoga CHF 110

- 45 minutes Yoga CHF 135

- 60 minutes Yoga CHF 155


4 Yoga Session Pass (valid 2 months)

- 30 minutes Yoga CHF 100 per class

- 45 minutes Yoga CHF 120 per class

- 60 minutes Yoga CHF 135 per class

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