PSycho spiritual impuls work

"Healing comes from our innate capacity for deep listening. This deep listening or seeing is not through our ears or eyes, but with our heart and our soul"

Jack Kornfield

PSycho spiritual impuls work

Psycho spiritual impulse work, is based on the conviction that consciously perceived, physical and mental suffering (symptoms) always origin in the soul. This spiritual rooting lies in the unconscious, not mentally accessible area of the being.


Through psycho-spiritual methods from Hatha Yoga such as meditation, breathwork and energy work, impulses can be received and translated as soul information. So inputs (impulses) for spiritual development and the holistic healing of suffering can be received.

77The subsequent therapeutic work, based on the information received, is not part of the actual psycho-spiritual work, respectively is only discussed in an advisory manner and not conclusively.



What happens during the psycho-spiritual impulse work?

A session lasts about 75 minutes and is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Symptom analysis: In an opening conversation we go into the concrete problems and work on getting a holistic picture of the initial situation. For more complex issues, we focus on individual areas and take time over several sessions to dive deeper into the issues.
  2. Impulse work: I accompany you into a deep relaxation while lying down (Savasana). I work with your energy body and use methods from Hatha Yoga such as breathing exercises, energy work and meditation.
  3. Impulse analysis: In a further conversation we talk about the received impulses and how you can integrate them in your spiritual development and healing therapy.

Duration: 75 minutes with Melanie Gerber

Rate: 200 CHF per session (health insurance deductible with additional insurance)

Remote treatment option
Psycho-spiritual impulse work can very well be done as remote treatment.


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