charity classes

A Yoga Class for the Community

Karma Yoga Class


Montags von 09.30 bis 10.30 Uhr, im Studio und als Live Stream


Melanie Gerber


With attending this yoga class, you can do something good for your community to contribute to a more conscious, loving world.

We offer the class for free but - to keep karma happy - you do a good deed - like cleaning the forest, helping an older neighbour carrying bags or anything you can think of or you donate any amount to poor families in Zurich (a Caritas project). We have a little cash box at the studio and if you take the class online, please use this link.


All levels.

German or English.

For Pink Ribbon: Harmonising all layers of your Being


Melanie Gerber


This soft and steady flow will open and awaken your whole body, leaving you feeling balanced, energized, and simply good in your body.

You'll stretch out commonly tense areas like your quads, hip flexors, chest, and shoulders as you flow through a sequence synchronising breath and movement.

You end class with some breath work and a closing meditation, leaving you harmonised on all layers of your being.  


All levels.

German and English. 


New classes in 2021.