yoga for adults

Yoga is much more than turning yourself into a pretzel!


group classes

We vitalize your body, strengthen your nerves and calm your mind so you become your own best version and master your life with ease and happiness!


If you are new to Yoga in a Bag, get more information here.



Single classes


Intro pass (valid for 3 classes)*

75 CHF

60 min yoga

 30 CHF

75 min yoga

35 CHF

90 min yoga 40 CHF
5 pass 60 min yoga 140 CHF
5 pass 75 min yoga 165 CHF
10 pass 60 min yoga** 270 CHF
10 pass 75 min yoga** 315 CHF
10 pass 90 min yoga** 350 CHF
10 pass 60/75 min yoga (5 each)** 292 CHF 

Transformation Package (monthly)


from 185 CHF****
- Access to all yoga classes  
- 25 % discount on nutrition coaching  
- 10 % at Chez Oskar  
- 10 % discount in our studio shop  

Work-Yoga-Balance Package (monthly)


from 185 CHF****
Access to all yoga classes  
- 25% discount on private yoga classes   
10 % at Chez Oskar  
- 10 % discount discount in our studio shop  
* Valid for 1 month. Incl. 10 % discount at   Chez Oskar!
**  Valid for 4 months. Incl. 10 % discount at  Chez Oskar!
*** Packages can be interrupted due to health issues, pregnancy or prolonged vacations for important matters. Please present a written request and a medical certificate as soon as possible respectively before hand.
**** 185 CHF for 12 months, 215 CHF for 6 months, 220 CHF for 3 months, 230 CHF for 1 month.

private classes

We offers private yoga sessions in english or german by appointment. During a session you will work individually with your teacher to create a practice that is specific to your needs and experience.


A private session might be especially beneficial if:

  • You are a beginner and want to get started with a yoga practice that is right for you
  • You are experience but want to deepen your practice or focus on a specific asana
  • You are interested in building a home practice but are unsure of where to start
  • You are highly stressed or live and work in a fast-paced environment and need some time for relaxation and breathwork

We offer private yoga classes at our studio for both individuals and groups of 2 or more.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better as we create a practice that is just right for you! Just fill out this form.                                            



Single classes


60 min yoga*

 120 CHF

each additional student 48 CHF
All-tailored Yoga and Nutrition Package 1'000 CHF
- 10 private sessions: yoga and/or nutrition
10 % at Chez Oscar  
- 10 % discount discount in our studio shop  
*  Longer private classes available on request.


Apprentices, students, seniors and unemployed persons receive a 20% discount on 10-passes and on packages. A valid document of identification must be presented.