"Reiki is the greatest secret in the science of energetics"

Hawayo Takata


Reiki is the ancient art of energy healing using specific techniques.

Reiki is an alternative to medicine. It is a Japanese form of healing that is popular all across the world.

In this technique, the Reiki healers use 'universal energy' and transfer this energy through their hands or palms to the patient for physical or emotional healing. It is said that when someone has a physical or emotional injury, the energy in their body is stuck in that area. Reiki healers try and move that blocked energy. When the energy is stuck and cannot release, it can cause adverse effects and illnesses.

There are so many Reiki healers all over the world. The power of the energy is known to be strong. As a person grows old, they gain wisdom and the experience of the life they have lived, and the beautiful journey of the soul makes them see the light and the power that the universe holds. When the journey gets deep, they can even feel the inner energy radiating. The inner self, the soul, mind, and practice of energy hands-on healing are all related.


your REIKI treatment

After a short conversation the treatment takes place on a yoga mat. You will be fully dressed in comfortable cloths.

If you need to work deeper or heal traumas, you can book an energy tuning. The energy tuning is 4 longer treatments of 2.5 hours over 8 weeks.


Duration Reiki: 60 Minutes

Rate: 85 CHF


Duration Energy Tuning: 4 x 2.5 hours

Rate: 720 CHF



Thursdays 10.30 to 11.30 a.m. and 01.30 to 02.20 p.m.



Email to


devi - your reiki therapist

For many years, the theme of inner freedom has accompanied me. To try to make every day balanced, motivated, with a smile on my face and humorous is gratitude of a high level.

Early on I realized that the world does not only consist of pink clouds. Already as a child I was able to experience through exciting experiences that the world has a lot to offer and not only those you can see with your eyes. That's why I started to deal with spirituality and energy at an early age.

At the age of 16 I started my own journey and moved away from home. This decision was not always easy and therefore I was glad to get to know Yoga and Reiki as a support, which offered me understanding and inner peace then and still today. Over the years I have encountered many things that have accompanied me and taught me. The passion to pass on to other people, depth, peace and serenity and understanding to enjoy life to the fullest, became a matter of the heart. 

shiatsu massage

"touch the emptiness in your life, and there flowers will bloom"


shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a recognized method of holistic bodywork that combines insights from Far Eastern healing with theories and techniques of Western origin. Literally translated, Shiatsu means "finger or thumb pressure".

Pressure is applied in the sense of attentive touch by means of fingertips, palms, elbows, knees or feet. Various vitalizing techniques, joint mobilizations and stretches are also used.

Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages, as the method is adapted to individual needs and wishes. 


 "Ki follows Shen - energy follows thought" this form of body therapy supports the Ki and potential in people, promotes self-regulatory powers, enhances and deepens health, general well-being and quality of life. It refines self-perception and body awareness, opens the possibility to find one's own resources as well as to recognize and accept the current situation.

In Shiatsu the client is accompanied and supported in his process of change, growth and adaptation. With time, these experiences can be integrated and lived more and more in everyday life

in combination with a regular yoga practice and a balanced diet, Shiatsu is one of the most efficient health promoting and maintaining methods.


Your shiatsu treatment

The treatment takes place after a short conversation in the traditional way, on the clothed body on a futon on the floor. 

The effect of Shiatsu is strongly influenced by one's own possibilities to allow change.


Duration: 60 minutes

Rate: 100 CHF

Registration: Email to


loredana - your shiatsu therapist

I started learning and practicing Shiatsu out of the need to share my self-made experiences with my fellow human beings, to be there for them and to be allowed to accompany them a little bit.


Since the beginning of 2015, I have been practicing part-time in Winterthur in a group practice.


To find a balance between work and private life, I maintain a regular yoga, meditation and dance practice. 


Languages: German, Spanish, Italian, French and English.


More information about Shiatsu at: