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practice safely @ yoga in a bag

We strictly adhere to all safety and hygiene measures

PLUS we have an air purifier with HEPA filtration that filters 99,5% of micro-organisms bigger than 0,003 micrometer. Thus the risk of infection can be reduced furthermore.  

Please wear a face mask everywhere except on your mat! 


Invest in your immune system - stay healthy!

safety measures

According to the more strict Corona measures as of October 28th, 2020, a minimum of 4m2 per person needs to be available, the distance of 1.5 meters needs to be respected and a face mask has to be worn everywhere but on your yoga mat.


That means, you can continue practicing without wearing a face mask, but need to wear it whenever you leave you mat.

  • We strictly adhere to all safety measures.
  • We limit the numbers of students, so you have at least 4m2 just for you. Please sign in before class.
  • We have an air purifier that filters viruses and bacteria.
  • We air the studio constantly.
  • Only practice in the studio when symptom-free.
  • Wash hands thoroughly.
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Stand 29.10.2020
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yoga classes

We live stream each class from the studio. Students won't be filmed, only teachers.

yoga in-studio

  • You can register as usual using our online schedule or your Mindbody App.
  • If you cannot attend a class, please cancel early, so someone else can take your spot.
  • Disinfect you hand upon arrival at the studio.
  • After arriving at the studio, find your spot and stay on your mat.
  • Respect the social distancing of 2 meters.
  • If you have any flu symptoms, please stay home.

rates studio

Are in-studio rates stay the same. Please find all our options here.


online yoga videos

We offer a wide range of online yoga videos, courses and workshop:

live stream yoga

  • Sign into your Mindbody account or create a new one.

  • The schedule shows each class twice - once as in studio class and once as live stream.

  • Sign up for your class of choice.

  • Once you’re within 30 minutes of the class’ scheduled start time, you’ll receive an email with a unique link to access the live stream. Please check your spam too. If you do not receive a link, immediately write us to or call +41 79 317 21 57.


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